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What is Gift a Pension?

Gift a Pension is a secure online platform to reach out to the domestic help through their employers and patrons and enable them to save for their dignified old age.

It enables employers to gift a Government of India pension account along with a life insurance cover to their domestic workers.

Gift a Pension is an initiative of the not for profit Micro Pension Foundation, and Invest India Micro Pension Services Pvt. Ltd.

What does Micro Pension Foundation do?

The Micro Pension Foundation incubates new outreach platforms, integrated financial product solutions, financial literacy strategies and tools, as well as innovative, market-led micro-payment mechanisms based on new technologies (including mobile and prepaid card based micro-payment solutions) to extend the reach of regulated financial services and risk management tools to economically active poor.

What is Micro Pension® ?

Since 2006, Micro Pension® has been helping low income workers to regularly save a small part of their income for their old age. Micro Pension® is a simple and secure system developed and owned as a registered trademark by Invest India Micro Pension Services Pvt. Ltd. (IIMPS). IIMPS is the implementation partner for Gift a Pension, through which Gift a Pension provides its services to your domestic worker.

How does the Gift a Pension system work for my domestic help?

  • Using simple tools available on the Gift a Pension platform, you educate your domestic help about the importance of old age savings
  • Once they understand the same, you enrol them for the product(s) using a simple online registration form
  • They save a minimum of Rs. 100 per month for their old age, and an annual premium that ranges between Rs. 135 and Rs. 345, depending on their age, for a five year life insurance term cover
  • Their monthly savings are invested in regulated and reputed products such as the Government of India product NPS-Lite/ Swavalamban who invest these savings on their behalf as per Govt. of India guidelines
  • When they are old, the savings accumulated over the years are returned to them as monthly pension
  • In case of their death, all benefits are credited to their nominee, who they choose at the time of enrolling for the product(s)
  • Your domestic help does not depend on you for regular payments, any support and/or transfer of any benefits; They can continue to make regular payments themselves, and have a regional language helpline to support them in case they need any support in the process

Can my domestic help join Gift a Pension?

Yes. If your domestic help is an Indian citizen and is between the ages of 18 and 50 years, you can enrol them using Gift a Pension. But you will first need to educate them about the pension and other savings and insurance product(s) offered through Gift a Pension.


Why should I educate my domestic help?

Domestic workers, like most low income workers, have limited understanding about why it is important for them to save for old age, and limited access to a secure yet convenient way of doing the same.

You can help them make an informed decision by educating them about the importance of saving for old age, by using simple tools and videos available on this website.

What do I educate my domestic help about?

You must explain to your domestic help the importance of setting aside a small part of their income for their old age. As they grow older, their ability to work will decrease. As a result, their income will also decrease. However their expenses will continue to rise. Therefore, they should save while they are still young.

It is also important for your domestic help to understand the features of the product(s) that their money would go in. For example, how they can make regular contributions, why they should pay regularly, and how they can withdraw the money when they need to.

How do I educate my domestic help using this website?

You can go to the ‘How It Works’ section on the website and use simple tools like videos, savings calculator and the product details to educate your domestic help.

Why does my domestic help need a Pension?

Your domestic workers rely on physical labour to sustain themselves and their dependent families. When your domestic help will turn 50 years old, their body will give way and they will not be able to work in the same capacity. They will live for another 20 years and may not receive adequate support from their children. They will need to self provide for their retirement years, to live a dignified retirement life.

Your domestic help can make that change themselves by just saving 10% of their income NOW!

Does my domestic help really need to start NOW?

Yes. They must. The lapse of even a year can dramatically affect one’s retirement savings. See Savings Calculator.


How can I enrol my domestic help into Gift a Pension? Or How can I ‘Gift a Pension’?

  • You click the “Enrol Now” button from anywhere on this website to open a simple online application form
  • In section 1 of this form, you register yourself by giving your name, email ID, address and mobile number; Or you can simply register using your Facebook account.
  • In section 2, you key in some basic details of your domestic help and the amount that they wish to periodically save for their old age
  • If you have any questions, you can simply email our helpdesk:

Why is it important for me to register myself, while I enrol my maid for ‘Gift a Pension'?

We will need to be in touch with you to follow up regarding your online transactions, track the courier to reach you at a time convenient to you and service you with any queries that you may have.

Why is it so important for me to provide my telephone number?

The Gift a Pension team may call you to follow up regarding your online transactions, or to confirm that some request that you have made has been carried out. We need your contact number to be able to reach you. This is very important. This number can be used by Gift a Pension and you to track the status of the courier, ensuring that the parcel reaches you at a time convenient for you.

Are there any fees or charges to enrol my domestic help?

Yes, you bear a one-time expense of Rs. 300 as convenience fee for each domestic help that you enrol to take care of the material and logistics for the enrollment including couriers.

Your domestic help does not pay any fees or charges to Gift a Pension for joining the Government of India pension scheme, NPS Lite/ Swavalamban, through this website.

Can I enrol more than one domestic help using this website?

Yes, you can enrol as many domestic help as you wish, using this website.

Who is a nominee?

A nominee, usually the spouse or children, is the person selected by your domestic help to receive the benefits should something unforeseen happen to them. The complete details of the nominee of your domestic help should be provided in the Application Form. This is mandatory.


How can I complete the documentation formalities?

  • After enrolling your domestic help online, within 4 days, you will receive a courier from us containing:
    • electronically pre-filled application forms of your domestic help,
    • your domestic help's "Micro Pension® Visa Prepaid Card" that is already loaded with the amount that you had paid for him/her,
    • a small booklet containing answers to some important questions in a regional language that your domestic help prefers, and
    • a pre-addressed envelope marked to us.
  • Your domestic help simply signs each form, attaches his/her own photographs and copies of their identity, age and address proofs
  • You check the documents and insert them in the pre-addressed envelope. Once the courier is ready, you can inform us via email, and someone shall collect the courier from your doorstep at your convenience.
  • Within 3 days of us receiving the courier from you, you get an SMS confirming that your domestic help is now a "Micro Pension® " customer. Our Helpline will also call your domestic help on their mobile to confirm their enrolment. An email and an SMS to this effect will also be sent to you.

What is a KYC?

KYC is an acronym for “Know your Customer”, a term used for customer identification process. This could be proof of identity, proof of age and proof of address. The objective of the KYC guidelines is to prevent banks from being used, intentionally or unintentionally, for identity theft, financial fraud, money laundering and terrorist financing.

What are the valid identity, age and address proof documents for my domestic help?

Sr. Age Photo Residence
1 Aadhaar Card Aadhaar Card Aadhaar Card
2 Any Certificate Provided by Government Any Certificate Provided by Government Any Certificate Provided by Government
3 Driving License Driving License Driving License
4 Passport Passport Passport
5 Voters Identity card Voters Identity card Voters Identity card
6 Birth Certificate Bank Passbook or Certificate (with Photo) Bank Passbook or Certificate (with Photo & Address)
7 School Certificate School Certificate with Photograph Utility Bills: Water/Electricity/Telephone (not more than 6 month old)
8 PAN Card PAN Card Permanent Residence Certificate
9   BPL Card BPL Card
10   Certificate of Identify with Photo signed by MP/MLA Certificate of Identify with Photo signed by MP/MLA/Gazetted Officer
11   Domicile Certificate with Photograph Domicile Certificate
12   Family Planning Green Card Family Planning Green Card
13   NREGA Card NREGA Card
14   Ration Card with Photo Ration Card with Photo & Address
15   Photo Credit Card House Tax Receipt (not more than one year old)


What products are currently offered through Gift a Pension?

Gift a Pension currently offers a Government of India pension product, NPS Lite/ Swavalamban, along with an SBI Life insurance cover, SBI Life Grameen Super Suraksha.

Pension product
About pension product

What is the pension product offered on Gift a Pension?

Gift a Pension enables access to the Government of India Pension product, NPS Lite/ Swavalamban.

NPS - Lite is the pension scheme under the National Pension System started by the Government of India to help low income workers of India like your domestic help to save for their old age. This scheme is regulated by Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA).

What is Swavalamban?

Swavalamban is a special benefit provided by Government of India for people like your domestic help who do not have any other pension or provident fund benefit.

When they join NPS-Lite and save between Rs 1,000 and Rs. 12,000 in a financial year in the scheme, the Government of India puts Rs. 1,000 from its own budget into their NPS-Lite account. This benefit will be available every year until FY 2016-17.

A financial year runs from April to March.

Why should your domestic help save in NPS Lite/ Swavalamban?

Today, most people live for around 20 years after they stop working. Your domestic help should save as much as they can today to ensure that they have enough savings to last them for around 20 years when they are old.

Their savings should be saved in NPS-Lite as this is a national scheme of the Government of India. NPS-Lite also gives your domestic help the Swavalamban benefit of Rs 1,000 per year if they save between Rs.1,000 and Rs.12,000 in the financial year.

What is the minimum investment for NPS-Lite?

Your domestic help can start with as low as Rs. 100 per month. Using this website, they can save between Rs. 100 and Rs. 1,000 every month for their old age. They can decide the amount they wish to save. But remember, that they must regularly deposit their contribution amount into their NPS Lite account in order to get a meaningful pension amount.

Please see the section on "How to make regular savings" in order to understand how regular contributions can be made in a secure yet convenient way.

How will your domestic help know that their contribution has reached the scheme provider?

Your domestic help will receive an account statement from LIC-HF to reflect their contribution amount. However, please note that the first payment in the scheme is reflected after Permanent Retirement Account Number (PRAN) is generated by NPS-Lite, which takes a processing time of 15-30 days.

Alternatively, they can call the helpline (080 2301 4545) and our executives will immediately update them with the status on their contribution amount.

Returns from the product

How will my domestic help's savings grow?

The money saved in NPS-Lite through Gift a Pension is invested by the likes of LIC, SBI and UTI in government bonds and bonds and shares of large companies. This is done strictly as per rules of PFRDA - the agency set up by the Government of India to protect their rights and interests. Over the years, the value of these bonds and shares are expected to grow. When that happens, their savings will also grow.

Will the domestic help get any guaranteed or fixed returns on their savings?

No. The rate at which the savings in NPS-Lite will grow is not fixed or guaranteed. The returns and the value of their savings can go up or down over time.

How much pension will my domestic help receive when they are old?

The pension amount will depend on (1) how much they save per month, (2) the number of years over which they have saved, and (3) the returns that NPS-Lite earns over the savings. If they save more and if they save regularly, they will get a higher pension when they are old. (Please see Savings Calculator to know more.)

What is the penalty if my domestic help misses a regular contribution? Or a few regular contributions?

There is no penalty even if your domestic help misses a regular contribution. The savings already made will remain securely invested in NPS Lite- Swavalamban in your domestic help’s name. However, you should encourage them to save regularly so that they accumulate enough savings for their old age.

How can my domestic help keep track of how much they are saving over many years?

NPS-Lite will issue a Permanent Retirement Account Number (PRAN) and record the NPS-Lite savings in this PRAN account. NPS-Lite will send a physical Statement of Transaction (SOT) every year, which will show how much they have saved over the past year and the value of their overall savings on that date.

Gift a Pension will also send a statement of the transactions made through the Micro Pension® Visa card once a year. Your domestic help can also find out the value of their savings at any time by simply calling the helpline at 080 2301 4545.

Withdrawal from the product

At what age, can my domestic help start receiving a pension?

Your domestic help’s pension will start at the age of 60 years. At this time, they have the choice to withdraw up to 60% of the accumulated savings as lump sum. However, at least 40% of their savings must be annuitized such that they get monthly pensions based on it.

Can my domestic help withdraw their savings in NPS Lite before their retirement age?

They can normally withdraw their NPS-Lite savings only when they become 60 years old. In case they wish to withdraw before they are 60, they will have to first invest 80% of their savings to purchase life annuity from any IRDA–regulated life insurance company. They will receive this amount once they turn 60, as monthly pension. The remaining 20% may be withdrawn by them as lump sum. Remember that such withdrawal will greatly reduce their savings for old age.

In case of death of your domestic help, accumulated savings can be immediately withdrawn by their nominee/ legal heir.

How will my domestic help withdraw their money?

Your domestic help should call the regional language helpline at 080 2301 4545 when they attain 60 years of age, or if they choose to withdraw before retirement. The helpline will help them with the redemption process. The redemption forms are also available on your Account home on the website.

How will your domestic help receive the money, upon withdrawal? Or how will they receive their monthly pension?

In case of withdrawal or when they reach their retirement age, their withdrawal amount or monthly pension from NPS-Lite would be automatically transferred to their bank account.

Fees and charges for the product

What are the fees and charges for NPS Lite/ Swavalamban?

At the time of joining NPS Lite, a one-time cost of Rs. 35 will be deducted by PFRDA for obtaining PRAN Card. This will be deducted transparently from your first contribution to your domestic help's NPS Lite account.

Every year Rs. 70 will be deducted from your domestic help's total savings to meet the cost of record keeping by PFRDA.

Life insurance product
About Life insurance product

What is SBI Life Grameen Super Suraksha?

  • This is a group, non-linked, non-participating, pure term micro-insurance plan.
  • This product aims to provide financial support to the economically weaker and socially vulnerable segments of the society.

What are the eligibility criteria (boundary conditions) for enrolling under this product?

  • The minimum entry age for this plan is 18 years.
  • The maximum entry age for this plan is 50 years.
  • The maximum maturity age is 55 years.
  • The policy term is fixed at 5 years.
  • This product is offered under Single premium and Regular premium payment mode.
  • The minimum Sum Assured under this product is Rs. 5,000 while the maximum Sum Assured allowed is Rs. 50,000.

What is the Death Benefit payable under the policy?

In case of death of the insured member/ life assured, sum assured shall be payable to the nominee or the legal heir.

Under this plan, the Sum Assured is capped at Rs. 50,000/- per life assured. In case of claims in excess of Rs. 50,000/- (in case multiple covers have been purchased), the claim shall be rejected and premium net of applicable taxes and stamp duty will be refunded to the nominee/ legal heir.

What is the Maturity Benefit payable under the policy?

Since this is a pure term assurance plan, no maturity benefit is payable.

What premium payment modes are available under this plan? What is the minimum and maximum premium payable under this plan?

Both Regular premium and single premium payment options are available under this plan. In case of regular premium, the premium frequency available is Annual only.

For details on premium amounts, please refer the below grid:

Age Band Single Premium Regular Premium
Premium Rate* Minimum Maximum Premium Rate* Minimum Maximum
18 – 30 20.50 103.00 1025.00 4.50 23.00 225.00
31 – 40 26.50 133.00 1325.00 6.00 30.00 300.00
41 – 45 34.50 173.00 1725.00 8.00 40.00 400.00
46 - 50 50.00 250.00 2500.00 11.50 58.00 575.00
*Premium Rates mentioned above are applicable “Per Thousand Sum Assured” and excluding service tax and cess. Additional Service tax and cess may be applicable as per prevailing tax rules. For exact premium amounts please refer the premium tables.

What is the grace period under this product?

In case of regular premium payment mode, a grace period of 30 days from the renewal due date is allowed during which the premium payment should be made. Under the single premium payment mode, grace period is not applicable.

If the premium is not paid on time, how will it affect the insurance cover?

If the renewal premium is not paid within the grace period, the insurance cover will lapse and all the benefits will cease to exist.

What are the conditions for reviving the insurance cover?

A lapsed insurance cover can be revived within a period of 2 years from the due date of first unpaid premium by writing to the Company. The cover will be revived on submission of Declaration of Good Health and other underwriting documents, if any, along with payment of all outstanding premiums including interest thereof. The interest rate applicable will be Repo Rate as on April 1 every financial year + 250 basis points compounded half yearly.

Can the insurance cover under this product be surrendered?

Surrender facility is available only in case of single premium policies, anytime after completion of first policy year. The surrender value will be paid as under:

    Single Premium paid (exclusive of taxes) * 50% * Unexpired Policy Term/ Total Policy Term where,
    Unexpired term would be the total policy term in months less the completed number of months as on date of surrender.

For instance, in case a member surrenders his insurance cover after completion of 6 months and 25 days from the issuance (policy term in this case is 60 months) ; the unexpired term would be calculated as 54 months (60 months less 6 months).

Whom should the claimant approach for claim settlement? What documents are to be submitted at the time of claim intimation?

It is preferable if the claimant approaches the master policy holder or the group administrator for claim intimation. However, he/ she may also approach the Company directly within 90 days from the date of death of the life assured/ insured group member.

However, without prejudice, in case of delay in intimation or submission of claim documents beyond the stipulated period in the policy document or in the Statutes, We, at our sole discretion, may condone such delay and examine the admissibility or otherwise of the claim, if such delay is proved to be for reasons beyond the control of the nominee/ claimant.

The below documents should be submitted along with the claim form:
- Original Certificate of Insurance
- Original Death Certificate from municipal/ local authorities
- Claimant’s statement
- Any other document which may be called for by the Company

Is backdating allowed under SBI Life Grameen Super Suraksha?

No. Life cover back-dation is not allowed under this plan.

Can the member take a loan under SBI Life Grameen Super Suraksha?

Loan is not allowed under this plan.

Does the product have the provision of acquiring paid-up value?

Paid up value is not available under this plan.

What is free look cancellation?

If the group administrator or the master policy holder (only in case of compulsory schemes) or the insured group members (in case of voluntary scheme) is not satisfied with the features or the terms and conditions of the insurance contract, he/ she can return it within 15 days from the date of receipt of the document stating the reason for objection. Premium paid will be refunded after deducting stamp duty.

What are the exclusions under this plan?

If the insured group member commits suicide, whether sane or insane, within one year from the date of commencement of insurance cover or date of revival of insurance cover, no insurance benefit will be payable. In such a scenario, 80% of the premiums paid (net of applicable taxes and cess) will be refunded.

Waiting Period
There shall be an exclusion period of 45 days from the date of commencement or the date of revival, during which insurance benefit will be payable only in case of death due to accident. In all other cases, 80% of the premiums paid (net of applicable taxes and cess) will be refunded to the nominee or the legal heir.

What are the Tax benefits?

Tax benefits under this policy are available, under Section 80C, on the premiums paid and under Section 10 (10D) on the death proceeds under the policy, of the Income tax Act IT Act 1961. Tax benefits, are as per the Income Tax laws & are subject to change from time to time. Please consult your tax advisor for details.

Can new members be added post policy issuance?

Yes, new members can be added to the scheme post policy issuance.

Can members with different sum assured levels and premium payment modes be covered under the same master policy?



What is the Micro Pension® card?

Once you enroll your domestic help on Gift a Pension, he/she will receive a Micro Pension® card. This is a prepaid card which will automatically be linked to their Micro Pension® account. Your domestic help will only need to recharge their card with the amount that they have decided to save for their old age, and other financial needs that Gift a Pension addresses.

At the time of enrollment, your domestic help decides the amount they wish to periodically save and at what frequency, i.e., monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annually. Based on this simple instruction given by them, Micro Pension® will automatically take out a fixed amount from the card balance and send It to the product providers.

What is the benefit of this Micro Pension® card?

The greatest benefit is that your domestic help does not need to go to a bank for depositing cash. They can deposit cash at your doorstep which you can transfer through the internet, or go to designated outlets in the neighbourhood. The cash will be added immediately to the balance on their card, hence, there is no risk of your domestic help's money being lost in transit.

Is my domestic help's money secure in the card?

Yes. This card is unique to your domestic help and is linked to his/her Micro Pension® account. No one else can transact through this card for any purpose.

How can the card be recharged?

You can transfer a pre-decided amount into your domestic help's prepaid card using the same online payment platform, through this website.

  • You log into the platform using your email ID or Facebook ID. You go to "Make a Contribution", select the domestic worker for who you are making the contribution, and choose the amount you wish to contribute
  • You can pay this amount by using Net banking, or your Debit card or Credit card. You and your domestic help will receive an SMS confirming the contribution amount and the transaction reference number.

Alternatively, your domestic help can load their periodic contribution into their own prepaid card at a designated outlet. They must carry their card along with them to the designated outlet. (click here for designated outlets)

How will my domestic help get to know that cash has been loaded on their card?

Every time your domestic help deposits/loads cash onto their card, he/she will get an SMS alert on their mobile phone. Your domestic help can also call up the regional language Help Line to know about the last few transactions.

How will my domestic help know the balance on the Micro Pension® card?

Your domestic help can simply call the regional language Help Line (080 2301 4545) and give us their Micro Pension® card number. Our executives will immediately update them with the balance on the card.

Can my domestic help use this card in a bank or ATM? Or to make other purchases?

No. This card is your domestic help’s Micro Pension® card. They can use it only for benefits offered through Gift a Pension.

What will happen if your domestic help’s Micro Pension® card is damaged or lost?

Your domestic help should keep their card carefully, so that it is not damaged or lost. However, if it is lost or damaged, they should inform the helpline and they will be issued a fresh card. Rs 100 will be charged for getting the new card.

If your domestic help is issued a new card, will he/she lose the money already saved?

No. Your domestic help's Micro Pension® card is linked to his/her own Micro Pension® account; the money they have saved will be intact, even if they lose their card.


How will my domestic help or I know, when the next contribution is due?

Once your domestic help has become a "Micro Pension® " customer, they (and also you, if you wish) will receive a periodic SMS reminder and a reminder call from our regional language Helpline before their next contribution is due.

How can the subsequent savings contributions be made?

The regular savings can be made in two ways:

  • You can transfer the pre-decided amount into your domestic help's Micro Pension® Card by using the online payment platform on this website.
  • Alternatively, your domestic help can load her periodic contribution onto her Micro Pension® Card at designated outlets in the city. You can easily help them locate the nearest outlets using this website. Click here for a list of these designated outlets.

In both options, your domestic help's periodic contribution is automatically transferred from her Micro Pension® Card to the financial institutions under NPS Lite-Swavalamban who will continue to manage her savings.

How can I make the savings contribution for my domestic help using this website?

You can simply use your debit or credit card or your net banking account to pay the contribution amount through a secure payment gateway.

My domestic help was enrolled by somebody else. Can I still make a contribution into her account?

Yes, any registered employer with us can load money into any domestic help's card. To register yourself as an employer, you simply click Enroll now on the website and provide some basic details about yourself. Once successfully registered, you can simply use your debit or credit card or your net banking account to pay the contribution amount through a secure payment gateway.

How will my domestic help continue to save, if he/she is no longer employed with me?

Your domestic help can continue to save and load his/her periodic contribution onto her Micro Pension® Card at designated outlets in the city. You can easily help them locate the nearest outlets using this website. Click here for a list of these designated outlets. This process is exactly like loading talk-time onto a prepaid mobile phone.

Alternatively, the next employer of your domestic help, can continue to contribute to the Micro Pension® Card by visiting

How does the savings contribution made by me reach my domestic help’s account?

When you make an online payment through this website of say Rs 500, a one-time convenience fee of Rs.300 is charged to you. The remaining Rs.200 is towards your domestic help’s first pension contribution and is automatically credited to your domestic help’s unique Micro Pension® Card.

How will I know that the savings contribution has reached my domestic help’s Micro Pension® Card?

You will receive an SMS and an email receipt confirming the payment and a reference number unique to your domestic help.

Can my domestic help change the amount that they decide to save for their old age?

Yes. They can change the amount once a year in April. They will need to send a separate form for this purpose to Gift a Pension. The form for changing the regular contribution amount is available on the website in your Account home. But do remember that they will have to save at least Rs 1,000 per year by March 31 to be eligible for the Swavalamban benefit.


What is an automatic deduction on a credit card?

You can set up an automatic monthly deduction on your credit card towards your domestic help's micro pension® account. This means that the amount selected by you will be transferred to your domestic help's micro pension® account from your credit card each month (or to match the frequency selected by your domestic help for their payments).

You can set this auto deduction instruction at the time you enroll your domestic help.

What is the benefit of an automatic deduction on a credit card?

With an automatic deduction on your credit card, you will not have to remember the regular contributions of the domestic workers if you want to commit to contributing to their pension account on a recurring basis. Based on a simple instruction given by you, the amount will automatically get deducted from your credit card and loaded on their micro pension® card.

Can I update the amount I pay into their account?

Yes, you can update the amount of auto deduction on your credit card from your Account Home under "Make a contribution" at any time.

Please note that the amount you pay into their account is a gift you give to them, and therefore it can be different from the regular savings amount that they choose.

Can I cancel this auto deduction on my credit card?

Yes, you can cancel this auto deduction from your Account Home under "Make a contribution" at any time.


What services will my domestic help get from Gift a Pension?

Gift a Pension will facilitate the following services for your domestic help through Micro Pension® :

  • Deliver the "NPS-Lite PRAN Card" and Welcome Kit" to your domestic help
  • Arrange for your domestic help to get periodic statements showing them the savings that they have made with the product providers and the value of their savings at that time
  • Coordinate with you and your domestic help so that your domestic help’s monthly savings are safely and automatically transferred from his/her Micro Pension® card to the product providers
  • Maintain a record of the address and other contact details, nominee details and card details of your domestic help
  • Maintain a record of the Micro Pension® savings and the savings accumulations of your domestic help
  • Provide to your domestic help many other services through the regional language Help Line Like resolving any questions or concerns that he/she may have about their Micro Pension® savings. Or making changes to your domestic help’s address or nominee as per their instructions from time to time


Who can my domestic help ask for any queries and/or complaints?

Your domestic help can use the Micro Pension® Helpline at 080 2301 4545 for any information or assistance regarding his/her Micro Pension® account. This helpline is available in regional languages for the convenience of your domestic help, and can be contacted between 9 am and 6 pm on any working day.

Where can I reach the Gift a Pension team for any support?

You can email us at and our team will be pleased to support you with any queries and/or complaints.

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